20 november 2015

Gambit Defence Forum – Tough Choices Ahead

The tough choices ahead and the will of politicians to prioritize defence was the topic of the newest edition of Gambit Defence Forum.
Gambit Defence Forum – Tough Choices Ahead
Fra venste: Torbjørn Svensgård (FSI), Asle Toje (Nobelinstituttet) og Øystein Bø (Forsvarsdepartementet)

Following up on the success from last time, Gambit H+K invited State Secretary of Defence, Øystein Bø, Member of the Expert Commission on Norwegian Security and Defence Policy, Asle Toje, and President of the Defence and Security Industries’ Association, Torbjørn Svensgård, to discuss the tough choices ahead. The panel also touched upon the role of the private industry in the future procurements for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The introductions sparked a lively discussion among the participants and the audience. Asle Toje also provided an insight into the Expert Commission on Norwegian Security and Defence Policy and their assessment and recommendations for future procurements, and restructuring for and of the Armed Forces.

Furthermore the participants discussed the future of both foreign and domestic defence industry in the various possible future security scenarios. Big thanks to the keynote speakers for their presentations, and to the guests for their active participation.
Next up we have Inspector General of the Army, Major General Odin Johannessen as our key note speaker. Major General Johannessen will join Gambit Defence Forum 4. December to deliberate on what the Army needs to defend Norway.