4 desember 2015

Gambit Defence Forum – What the Army needs

General Inspector of the Army, Major General Odin Johannessen elaborated on the forthcoming challenges and ambitions for the army, rounding of Gambit Defence Forum 2015.
Gambit Defence Forum – What the Army needs
Photo:General Inspector of the Army, Major General Odin Johannessen
The Army remains one of our most important assets. The Major General made it clear that if we are to win a conflict, if we are to justify and deserve allied help, we need soldiers in the field in order to put a face on the situation, according to the Major General. 

The Army as the rest of our armed forces, can no longer cut expenses by eliminating redundancies, but will have to scale back on operational capabilities. Consequently, we posed the question; what would he as General Inspector eliminate from the inventory if so asked by the politicians, the answer is plain and clear: all of it! This is because a further reduction in capabilities would render the Army a castle of sand and a pointless budget post. “Then I would advise to spend the money on one area and do that properly as the army would no longer be of use. My own recommendation would be to spend all the money on the one last tool in the box that can still avoid detection and hence balance the cost-gain equation of a potential aggressor: No not the F-35 stealth fighter, I am talking about submarines.”

Gambit Defence Forum will take a break over the holidays, returning after New Year’s with a joint venture with British Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Gambit H+K will continue to host defence forums in 2016, and as we near the White paper on defence in the spring we will increasingly focus on the political side of Norway’s defence. 

Thanks to all our key note speakers and guests these last months.